Naughty kids!!

#009: Wanted!!

#009: Wanted!!



When children are doing nothing, they are doing mischief!

                                                       -Henry Fielding


I love their naughtiness! They make your world come alive!

This is to those wonderful naughty kids who beat the crap out of us, but keeps our world energized!!

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And I loved the background! I got it from an android app WallpapersHD. Check it out! It has several interesting wallpapers for your lovely phone!

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Happy Birthday!


“If you don’t wish yourself good, then who else would?”

Today is my birthday!
I was wished a good day by lots of people, thanks to social media to help people remember your birthday!

It is when another day like this comes, that you reflect as to how quickly another year has gone by. That is how life is! It is too quick for you to catch up with!!

Here is me wishing myself and all others who share their birthday with me a very happy birthday!! Hope you will have (or had) a great day! May you have many more birthdays to celebrate!


Valentine Special!!


Some of us get dipped in
flat, some in satin, some in gloss; but
every once in a while, you find someone
who’s iridescent, and once you do,
nothing will ever compare.
                           – Chet Duncan , Flipped

I simply love the movie “Flipped”. I have,watched several times, but I,never get tired of it. It is based koon a novel by Van Der Draanan and tells the story of a sweet an innocent love taking place in the 1960’s.
So I decided to work on Flipped for the valentine’s day collage.
Hope you like it.
Hey, you can even put in your photos in here to gift your valentine!!
Happy Valentine’s day folks!



#005: Expressions

#005: Expressions

Beauty without expression is boring

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emma Watson: Style with substance.
Emma is an amazing actress. I loved her in Harry Potter, in fact she’s the only actor whom I’ve loved through all the Harry Potter movies. She has outstanding acting skills and coupled with glamour, I guess she has a long way to go! Let her skills not go to waste, blinded by the dazzle of the limelight she is hogging right now!
This is a tribute to Emma …


The canvas of nature!!



#004: Nature
The magnificent canvas!

The earth does
not belong to man, man belongs to
the earth.

Our mother earth houses various forms of life, each of its own kind. We often feel and behave as if the earth is our possession, when in fact we have only borrowed it from our future generations. So let us help preserve the intricate balance of nature, and keep these marvellous sights safe for our children to see!!!

Lets create no more Dodos!!

Most of the photos are from the National Geographic website. Check it out to see amazing wallpapers!!