Mothers day is on the way!!

Mother’s day is just a couple of weeks away, and I was into creating cards for the lovely beings called mothers!

So here is my first card, based on red,the colour of love.

For your lovely mother!

For your lovely mother!

Courtesy: flower, frame


My second card is based on bright yellow

Gift your mother for her love!

Gift your mother for her love

Courtesy: flower, frame and background


These digital prints are available to download at my etsy shop. I

f you are a follower(or reading my blog right now!) of my blog, you can avail a 20% discount on all purchases by using this coupon code: ” 4MBLOG “. Oh yes, you can share the code! Please note this discount can be availed only till May 31st.

Yes, I’m celebrating my entry into the etsyworld!


6 thoughts on “Mothers day is on the way!!

  1. Now that is so gorgeous Periwinkle and you’ll make me want to celebrate mother’s day again. LOL! I am not one for days like these as I feel a mother should feel special every day of her life but I sure won’t mind getting a lovely card like this but then I want one every day. hehehehehe

    • Thanks again, Sonel.
      It always feels good to be pampered. So indulge in the moment when it comes!
      And I’m sure your little one will gift you something really special when s/he grasps the full meaning of what you are to him/her.

      • It sure does hon and my little ones are not so little anymore..hehehe. The youngest is 24 but they do make me feel special every day and I would give my life for them. I still have their Mother’s day cards they made themselves when they were little boys and till today they are the same little boys I remember. 🙂

      • 🙂 My mother still keeps the self-crafted cards I made her for her birthday when I was little. She says nothing is more special than the crazy little card I made when I was little!

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