Desktop calender for May

Desktop calender for May

Desktop calender for May


Here is the desktop calender for the month of May!(just in time!)

As you can see, I have chosen the theme turtles for the wallpaper. All images courtesy Pixar(Finding Nemo).

Hope you like it!

The default size is 1920×1080. If you would like any other size, do drop in a message.

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And hey, here is my treasury list based on the theme turtles!



Wallpaper: April

Wallpaper: April

Wallpaper: April

Here is the desktop calender for the month of April, 2013. April 23rd is the World Book Day, hence the theme.

The default size is 1920×1200. Also available 1600×1200

My sources:



Easter Special!

Easter wishes!

Easter wishes!

Yay for my Easter collage! I loved it! All the items in it as well: the egg candles, egg basket, the cupcake and the Easter bunny sign! All these are available on Etsy. Except the cupcakes. The links will take you to the respective stores.  I did not make anything among these except the collage, of course!!

The cupcakes are from here. Though I am not sure if they are still available. I found them through Cupcakepedia.

The dimensions of this wallpaper are 1920×1200. If you would like any more sizes, do tell.

Like the bunny says, HOPPY EASTER!!!

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Hello Kitty!!

Hello Kitty wallpaper

Hello Kitty wallpaper

This week I decided to go back to the old days! It was fun to remember those Kitty pencil boxes, umbrellas, name slips and other Kitty stuff from schooldays! Lovely  Hello Kitty coin purses and cell phone accesories are still in vogue!

So here is a Hello Kitty wallpaper. As always it is a collage. The dimensions are 1920×1200.  The background is from here. Kitty pictures are from fansites on fanpop, tripod and wikia.

Hope you like it!


Desktop: March

Desktop March

13/03: Water

Water, water everywhere, only if we share

-Slogan, World Water Day 2013

Hi! From this month, I plan to do desktops! I’d be putting up new desktops by the end of every month. I’d like to stress on any day of importance every month in the desktop calendar. Do give your feedback and suggestions!

This month, I’d like to choose Water as the theme for my calender, as World Water Day falls on March 22nd.

How do you like it?

The default size is 1920×1200. If you’d like any other sizes, please let me know.

  • Read more about World Water Day here:



  • Slogan was contributed by Megha Kumar, India


Sources for pics: