Scrapbooking time…

I have always adored scrapbooks, both tangible and digital, but had not made one so far. So when Gail put out the Mind Wide Open challenge for June, I decided I’ll try a bit of scrap-booking this time.

This was the photo we were given to work with

And this was what occured in the end:

#022: Scrappy frame

Well, this is not really a scrapbook page, though I used scrapbook elements to decorate the frame. So I decided to make a REAL scrapbook page using similar elements:

#023: Scrapbook

I tried putting in REAL photographs as well!!

#022: Scrappy frame_2

#023: A "REAL" scrapbook

So how is my first try?



Sources : rakanska_deviantart, lady-valentine-art, mohaafterdark


Hello Kitty!!

Hello Kitty wallpaper

Hello Kitty wallpaper

This week I decided to go back to the old days! It was fun to remember those Kitty pencil boxes, umbrellas, name slips and other Kitty stuff from schooldays! Lovely  Hello Kitty coin purses and cell phone accesories are still in vogue!

So here is a Hello Kitty wallpaper. As always it is a collage. The dimensions are 1920×1200.  The background is from here. Kitty pictures are from fansites on fanpop, tripod and wikia.

Hope you like it!


Naughty kids!!

#009: Wanted!!

#009: Wanted!!



When children are doing nothing, they are doing mischief!

                                                       -Henry Fielding


I love their naughtiness! They make your world come alive!

This is to those wonderful naughty kids who beat the crap out of us, but keeps our world energized!!

Sources for pictures:




And I loved the background! I got it from an android app WallpapersHD. Check it out! It has several interesting wallpapers for your lovely phone!

Quote courtesy: http://www.searchquotes.com


My Beloved Princess

Disney Princesses

#002: Princess

For the little princess


“Every girl can be a princess”

Little girls are always obsessed with disney princess stories. They love reading princess stories, dressing up and role-playing. This collage goes out for all those little kids. It features Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Giselle, Aurora, Snow White, Jasmine along with the “most special princess” !

It makes a great birthday gift for kids, I think. How about you??