Scrapbooking time…

I have always adored scrapbooks, both tangible and digital, but had not made one so far. So when Gail put out the Mind Wide Open challenge for June, I decided I’ll try a bit of scrap-booking this time.

This was the photo we were given to work with

And this was what occured in the end:

#022: Scrappy frame

Well, this is not really a scrapbook page, though I used scrapbook elements to decorate the frame. So I decided to make a REAL scrapbook page using similar elements:

#023: Scrapbook

I tried putting in REAL photographs as well!!

#022: Scrappy frame_2

#023: A "REAL" scrapbook

So how is my first try?



Sources : rakanska_deviantart, lady-valentine-art, mohaafterdark


The canvas of nature!!



#004: Nature
The magnificent canvas!

The earth does
not belong to man, man belongs to
the earth.

Our mother earth houses various forms of life, each of its own kind. We often feel and behave as if the earth is our possession, when in fact we have only borrowed it from our future generations. So let us help preserve the intricate balance of nature, and keep these marvellous sights safe for our children to see!!!

Lets create no more Dodos!!

Most of the photos are from the National Geographic website. Check it out to see amazing wallpapers!!