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So, I’m back after a 6-month hiatus. Well, I simply couldn’t find any time. it is just this week I saw my opening.

It was really hard to make a post after so many weeks. Finally, the take a word challenge came to my rescue. Here it is! The theme this week is orange. I know its not really a good submission, but I simply hope this serves as an ice-breaker.


A Wedding by Twilight…

I ran across this post and was inspired to do this photo collage. Now get this right, I am not a big fan of twilight, but everything about this movie wedding is so great that I couldn’t resist myself. I would go on to say that you  too would love the wedding photo shoots no matter where you stand: Twilight lovers list or haters list.

Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson

#021: The Twilight Wedding

A similar photo collage would be the perfect gift to cherish your wedding memories forever!

So what do you think about it?

My sources: Do checkout the website! Whether you are planning your wedding or not, you sure would love the resources in there!