A Wedding by Twilight…

I ran across this post and was inspired to do this photo collage. Now get this right, I am not a big fan of twilight, but everything about this movie wedding is so great that I couldn’t resist myself. I would go on to say that you  too would love the wedding photo shoots no matter where you stand: Twilight lovers list or haters list.

Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson

#021: The Twilight Wedding

A similar photo collage would be the perfect gift to cherish your wedding memories forever!

So what do you think about it?

My sources: www.onewed.com. Do checkout the website! Whether you are planning your wedding or not, you sure would love the resources in there!




Easter Special!

Easter wishes!

Easter wishes!

Yay for my Easter collage! I loved it! All the items in it as well: the egg candles, egg basket, the cupcake and the Easter bunny sign! All these are available on Etsy. Except the cupcakes. The links will take you to the respective stores.  I did not make anything among these except the collage, of course!!

The cupcakes are from here. Though I am not sure if they are still available. I found them through Cupcakepedia.

The dimensions of this wallpaper are 1920×1200. If you would like any more sizes, do tell.

Like the bunny says, HOPPY EASTER!!!

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Desktop: March

Desktop March

13/03: Water

Water, water everywhere, only if we share

-Slogan, World Water Day 2013

Hi! From this month, I plan to do desktops! I’d be putting up new desktops by the end of every month. I’d like to stress on any day of importance every month in the desktop calendar. Do give your feedback and suggestions!

This month, I’d like to choose Water as the theme for my calender, as World Water Day falls on March 22nd.

How do you like it?

The default size is 1920×1200. If you’d like any other sizes, please let me know.

  • Read more about World Water Day here:



  • Slogan was contributed by Megha Kumar, India


Sources for pics:



Naughty kids!!

#009: Wanted!!

#009: Wanted!!



When children are doing nothing, they are doing mischief!

                                                       -Henry Fielding


I love their naughtiness! They make your world come alive!

This is to those wonderful naughty kids who beat the crap out of us, but keeps our world energized!!

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And I loved the background! I got it from an android app WallpapersHD. Check it out! It has several interesting wallpapers for your lovely phone!

Quote courtesy: http://www.searchquotes.com


Happy Birthday!


“If you don’t wish yourself good, then who else would?”

Today is my birthday!
I was wished a good day by lots of people, thanks to social media to help people remember your birthday!

It is when another day like this comes, that you reflect as to how quickly another year has gone by. That is how life is! It is too quick for you to catch up with!!

Here is me wishing myself and all others who share their birthday with me a very happy birthday!! Hope you will have (or had) a great day! May you have many more birthdays to celebrate!